The Benefits Of Receiving Quality Training From A Leading Consulting Company In Lagos

Kennedia Consulting is a leading management consulting firm, guiding clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions. As a leading recruitment firm in lagos, we support clients to find their highest-value propositions, solve their biggest challenges, and turn their businesses around.

For each client, we design bespoke solutions through in-depth and broad investigation into the dynamics of their businesses, their related markets and their employees. We help our clients develop sustainable business plans that give them competitive advantage. We focus on establishing a strong base of capable staff by assessing their learning gaps and designing learning solutions to bridge such gaps. To support our strategy, we  develop customised training programs that address the learning needs of our clients.

With a strong, capable workforce comes a more sustainable business, dynamic enough to respond quickly to market changes.

Courses Available

We are very cognizant of the turbulent year this has been for our clients, and in our bid to support their growth, we have a focused drive on online training.  Now, more than ever, our clients need a stable, dependable base. 

For the remainder of 2020, we are offering the following top-quality courses: 

Strategies For Driving Sales


Digital Marketing Essentials


Excellent Customer Service


Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course


These training programmes will help your teams understand the importance of digital marketing in a holistic marketing approach and also help them increase potential client opportunities, thereby filling the sales funnels. Our programmes will improve your employees’ understanding of the importance of customer service experience once the client is landed and lastly give them the I.T. skills needed to capture all this valuable information. 

When your staff attend our customer service training, they develop your company’s ability to retain more clients AND reduce management involvement thus saving time and money. Keeping a client is also far more cost-effective than landing new ones. Effective customer service also adds value to the acquisition of new clients especially through referrals – this can boost your company’s reputation in the market place, thereby making your business highly attractive. The training also empowers your staff and reduces the number of stressful interactions they will have with clients which leads to greater job satisfaction and reduced employee turnover. 

Our training programmes have a good and positive impact on your employees’ motivation and morale, thereby delivering you stability, loyalty and productivity. 

Contact Kennedia Consulting when looking for top training companies in Nigeria. We will be your strategic partner in challenging times. We are your go-to company for driving growth from a strong, stable base. If you have any questions about the above training and development or would like to make an appointment, feel free to call us on 08069499929 or 07031172756. Alternatively, email our training specialists at

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