How A Recruitment Firm In Lagos Can Help Your Company In Challenging COVID-19 Times

As COVID-19 continues to rock the world, and specifically Lagos, Nigeria with more than 35 000 confirmed cases and more than 750 deaths, the local economy is being affected and with this, local businesses and companies within it. Recruitment firms are now being called to assist with HR issues, recruitment pain points and outsourcing setbacks – all the areas of a business which are required to keep a company afloat during such hard times.

Fortunately, Kennedia is prepared and well equipped to assist those businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and help them get on the successful HR and recruitment track.

Recruitment during the Pandemic

Businesses across Lagos, and the world at large, have become aware that hiring and recruitment during this crisis is no simple, easy task. With work conducted mostly at home, thanks to regulations and lockdowns, stay-at-home policies and social distancing has made conducting interviews difficult and finding candidates to fill vital positions to keep the company afloat challenging. Hiring processes have now navigated towards tricky times, with best practices for successful recruitment only experienced with the integration of a professional recruitment firm like Kennedia.

A Crisis In Communication Calls For HR Action

Recruitment firms and HR consultants are being called in to help businesses and owners step up their communication response during COVID-19. With face-to-face meetings cancelled, employee’s working hours and locations changing, company policy’s seeing a revision, and work restrictions fast reducing communication levels and channels, HR consultants are being brought in to solve communication problems.

Recruitment firms are being called to help management teams and business owners to generate faster, more frequent and robust internal communications to keep companies surviving and efforts to keep them thriving.

When Company Budgets Are Low, Outsourcing Is Needed

Amidst COVID-19, companies have been seeing a reduction in their staff complement due to budget restraints. However, when no one is left to keep the company afloat, it’s time to call in recruitment firms to help with outsourcing – the solution to this pressing problem.

The use of third-party providers that do not require a full-time salary provide businesses with the support they need at much lower costs. Also, outsourcing tasks and projects allow management teams and business owners to rather focus their time and efforts on strategies and activities which focus on building the business.

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Let us at Kennedia help your Recruitment Companies in Lagos, Nigeria during these challenging COVID-19 times. Let our team of experts provide specialized HR, outsourcing, L&D and recruitment services which will help your business survive and thrive. Contact us today!

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