5 Tips You Need Successfully Complete a Job Application.

Applying for a job that you consider yourself to be an excellent fit for is an essential step to securing a job. The proper job application starts with writing your CV and cover letter to how you complete the rest of the application process. 

Job applications typically come in 4 major forms; 


These are typically called “walk-in” interviews and are usually followed up with an interview for successful applicants. 


Job applications in this form require you to write a letter or fill out a form on paper and submit it, with the necessary documentation to the attached job address. This requires basic knowledge of letter writing alongside proper writing etiquette. 


Applications can be filled out on the company and 3rd party job boards. A common feature of this type of application is the use of automated systems to screen the resumes of job applicants. This is done to reduce the volume of work to be done by the recruiter and eliminate underqualified candidates. 


Applying via email often requires you to send an email to the recruiter’s email address with the job description, your resume, and a cover letter, alongside any other document that the job requires. 

Knowing now the different ways job applications can be completed, here are 5 steps that will guide you to apply properly for any job and increase your chances of securing your dream job. 

Review the job description 

Take your time to read over the job description. This will help you understand what the job requires of you and also help you decide what you require for the job. You will also need the job description to be able to write your CV. 

Yes, you need a new CV for a new job application to highlight the keywords, experiences, and qualifications relevant to a particular job opening. You want to be able to beat automated systems and impress your to be interviewer with your credentials and move on to the next stage of the application process. 

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Include all relevant personal information

Your application is not complete without a few essential details such as your full name, a professional email, your address, and any other information that is necessary to complete your application. This information should typically be found on your cv and should be accurate and error-free. 

Crosscheck your information and spelling before turning it in, regardless of whether or not the application is physical or virtual. 

Be sure to write a cover letter

You are applying to multiple jobs and at the same time, many jobs are receiving multiple applications. What sets your application aside from others is your cover letter. 

It is your pitch to your potential employer, highlighting your qualifications, skills, personal motivation, and contribution to the team. 

Keep the tone professional, with short, concise sentences to convey as much relevant information as possible.

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Review the details. 

Before submitting your application, assuming you were applying online, make sure you go over every detail once more before submitting to make sure your application is error-free and contains all the relevant information and documents. 

This will make you stand out to whoever reviews your application as someone who pays attention to detail and that’s what you want to do.

Follow up on your application 

When you have submitted your application and received a confirmation it has been received, waiting for a response is the next logical step. After a week, follow up on your application(s) and again after another week. 

Due to the volume of applications surrounding a job vacancy, sometimes some applications do not get the attention they deserve. Following up on your application via a call or email after a week of applying will earn your application a positive reevaluation. 

Be sure to keep things professional and concise as you reach out, to avoid being a nuisance.


Continually update your professional profile and resume as you gather experience and qualifications. 

Platforms like LinkedIn, etc. allow you to post about your job experience, upload certifications, take courses, and share your professional insights. For some jobs, these platforms can also serve as your application. 

Explore the opportunity for personal branding on these platforms by being deliberate and professional in documenting your growth.

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