The Upside Of Adapting Your Business Strategy And Outsourcing Your HR Recruitment After An Economic Downturn

Global events have unfolded, and the current pandemic has slowed economic growth substantially. It is time to talk to us at Kennedia Consulting about your greatest asset, your human resources. We lead the way for recruitment companies in Lagos.

This is the best time to add value to your business or organization by outsourcing your HR to a global player in the HR industry. You need to engage our team of experts to consult with you and redesign your strategy. For outsourcing human resources, we provide cost-effective consulting and HR services, enabling clients focus on their core business. The HR component of our outsourcing strategy will drive the transformation of your workforce and will comprise the steps of reassessing, redefining and redeploying.

Reassess and Redirect to Benefit Your Business

Like most leading companies, you have regular hiring needs/costs/timing reassessment. In an economic slowdown, it is vital to ensure the hiring plan is highly accurate. Yes, a short-term solution is needed, but the long-term outlook must not be forgotten in the panic. Your talent acquisition plan must be realigned with the adjusted forecast, and our recruitment professionals have the expertise to accomplish this.

Redefine to Relieve the Pressure on Your Bottomline

As a business owner or director, your focus will be split between many key areas like client retention and market segment reassessment, product offering assessment, capital strategies etc. HR often slips down the priority ladder and is viewed as a cost component. This is a risk to your company’s longevity and one of the key reasons you need a specialist like us to help. A slowed economy, like that being experienced in Nigeria, is a time to get more creative with headcount appointments from redeploying existing headcount to more senior positions to utilizing the resource pool. As a leading recruitment company, we will objectively clarify your needs, your pivotal roles and your talent vs need matrix thereby ultimately relieving you and your bottom line of pressure.

Redeploy to Boost Morale and Productivity

Moving existing headcount does not mean reorganizing the deck chairs on the Titanic. It means vertical moves to more senior roles. This builds morale in a time where staff are stressed and potential unmotivated. They are not immune to market conditions. Good moral equals good productivity and as global HR leaders we know how to boost morale and productivity.

At Kennedia, we know the importance of having sufficient staff while also maintaining employee engagement and morale. Let us help you invest in upskilling your current headcount to increase the individual’s success, and the overall success of your business.The key is a correct assessment, redefinition and redeployment to boost morale, productivity, long-term employee satisfaction and retention.

If you are looking for recruitment companies in Lagos who can be your strategic partner in challenging times, then Kennedia Consulting is your go-to company, playing the long game to ensure your success. If you have any questions about the above strategies or would like to make an appointment, feel free to call us on 09066000030, 09066000031, 08130172118 or 08130172187. Alternatively, email our professionals on

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