Defining and Recognizing Charismatic Leadership.

Simon Sinek defined leadership as “being responsible for the people who are good at a job that you used to do. It is being in charge of the people who do what you do and the outcomes of their actions. He emphasized that to be a leader, a certain level of empathy, responsibility, and a willingness to inspire action had to be present. 

In companies, it is a trend to see the leaders or heads of departments more focused on the stakeholders and customers while paying very little attention to the staff who make all these results possible. It is easy to see where this focus comes from in an economic landscape like Nigeria. 

But great results come from teams with members who are willing to contribute their fair share and a little extra. They are made of people who beyond their capacity, have taken ownership of the vision and goal, and are willing to contribute without any bias. 

Teams like this form companies with stellar results and are made possible by inspired leaders. 

The Managing Director for Kennedia Group, Lotanna Uzoka is a visionary who has embodied what it means to be a true leader, embedding within the company a culture that not only assures quality service delivery but also encourages employees to be the best version of themselves knowing they are a part of a family.

Under her leadership, Kennedia’s group of companies has been setting and breaking new records and gaining local and international accolades. An article by the Guardian Newspapers talks about her continued excellence across multiple industries and the successful standard her team has set constantly in the past fiscal years. 

When asked about her passion, she said “Passion often arises from within, driven by personal interests and desires. It is something you do because you genuinely love it, not necessarily because of external rewards or expectations… My energy grows exponentially from developing people, building ventures, growing businesses, attracting new customers, hiring new employees, motivating old employees, satisfying my clients, and building a people-oriented and result-driven organizational culture.” 

Her passion stands out and alongside other visionary leaders in a stunning article by the Guardian Newspaper, you can read more about it here

A few weeks ago, the Guardian Newspaper for International Women’s Day recognized Lotanna Uzoka again as one of the top 50 female CEOs who are making an impact Nigerian economic landscape. and we look forward to more recognition

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