How To Drive Up Your Profits Using Training Companies In Nigeria

Your employees are your brand’s most valuable asset. Training them is vital for the sustainable growth of your company. Recruiting is a time and asset hungry process, so developing existing staff makes economic sense.

Kennedia Consulting Learning and Development understands the varied learning needs of employees within an organisation and the market changes that need to be met. Our learning interventions are 100% customised, bringing a perfect fit learning experience to each employee.

According to a study by Gallup employee training resulted in sales increases and the doubling of profits compared to non-trained workgroups.

Talent Retention

Using a training company like Kennedia Consulting Learning and Development is the perfect strategic investment in your employees which engenders talent retention. Companies record 94% retention due to training and development. 

In today’s resource pools, reports on millennials show that only half plan to spend a year at each company. As resource replacements costs, end to end, can reach 150% – which can be easily avoided. Your business does not benefit from a high staff turnover which destabilises your team. It is more profitable for you to improve their performance, keep them on board and keep your service levels up – this is possible through training. Training is no longer a perk; it’s one of the pillars of the success of a company today.

What Is Employee Development?

At Kennedia Consulting Learning and Development we deliver effective training interventions because we conduct thorough assessments to identify gaps and design interventions that address bridge identified gaps.

Training creates an opportunity for employees to learn new skills or gain new knowledge. Development is an individual’s holistic programme that involves a more expansive employee growth plan for future positions.

The greatest benefit to your organization for working with us in training and developing your employees is that you will shape a more efficient, engaged, loyal and competitive workforce. Absenteeism drops and productivity increases.

We will help you increase employee retention, train your future leaders, empower your employees and increase your employee’s engagement in the business. No university degree can give such specialised, hands-on, immediately impactful training.

How do we design and deploy our training programmes?

A priority for skills development is soft skills training. Today’s workforce needs to be adaptable, critical thinkers (skilfully analysing, assessing, and reconstructing it). Kennedia Consulting Learning and Development analyses each employee and acknowledges existing skills, technical fluency and most suitable learning modus.

We then encourage employers to facilitate learning by ensuring that time is given to employees to engage via digital learning on multiple platforms. This delivers accessibility, mobility, on-demand flexibility and access to support.

Kennedia Consulting will ask your strategy managers or directors what business needs or goals they wish to impact through the training. The executives will also have to advise what skills they believe are needed to align the team to the overall objectives. We will then add implement the training, track learning and conduct effective post-training analysis.

Accommodating Learning

World-class learning methodologies and content is delivered by Kennedia Consulting Learning and Development but it cannot be effective if your company does not allow time for learning. The executives and middle management need to support a culture of development. Indeed, employees need to be committed, as well.

Companies are no longer merely judged by their success but are being carefully judged by their impact on the environment and are being held responsible. With millennials now as the main workforce, the ‘power of the individual’ is a globally growing force in the resource pools. They choose differently from past employees, such as, where they want to work, what they want to consume and what they want to support. They expect more from employers and the employers who don’t keep up with this will have a poor-quality resource pool applying for work at their company.

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