Answers to commonly asked questions about our services and Kennedia Consulting

  • How much is your fee? Firstly, we have an initial meeting with you for free so that we learn more about your business, build credibility with you and see what needs to be done to help your business before we agree with you on a commercial rate appropriate to the service we are providing. Our fee is either fixed or by instalments depending on the project but be assured that the value we bring to the business outweighs the cost.
  • Why would I use Kennedia Consulting? At the top management level, you are probably dealing with the daily fire fighting issues that end up on your desk. By working with us, you have access to consultants with expertise in their field and knowledge about the industry with the benefit of being able to take an unbiased, ‘eagle view’ of your business and work with you because it can be a lonely sometimes when the bulk of the work ultimately stops with you. We impact your business and help relieve the pressure that you may be experiencing.
  • My company information are strictly confidential. Do you sign non-disclosure agreements? Yes, The Kennedia Code of Ethics strictly forbids our consultants to discuss your business with anyone and we are proud that we have never had a complaint in this regard. Once you become a client of Kennedia Consulting, our standard contract agreement provides ample protection that covers such circumstances protects both parties from disclosure of confidential information.
  • Do you provide client references? Yes, once we have discussed and have tentatively agreed on the scope and structure of the engagement.
  • Can you start immediately? Yes, we can dive into your business and start providing our services straight away depending on available information given to our consultants and top management approval.

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