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Kennedia Consulting Limited is one of the largest providers of employee customer verification (KYC) and background check services in Nigeria. We offer a range of checks that ensure full compliance with financial institution requirements, employee and employer’s privacy, employment requirements and other requests.

Hiring the wrong person as your staff can open the door to work-related crime and violence which can lead to costly litigation.

Conducting a thorough background check not only facilitates smart hiring decisions by providing a complete picture of the applicant, but can also significantly reduce an employer’s risk of negligent liability.

We provide the pre and post-employment screening background checks to help insure your new employee has the potential to be an asset and not a threat.

Experience and Expertise

Kennedia Consulting Limited is among the nation’s most experienced and respected employment screening firm. Employment screening is our focus. We’re proud to be the trusted screening partner for many financial and private organizations in Nigeria.


We believe that our significant and ongoing commitment to top-shelf technology gives us an important edge in our industry. It enables our team to work faster, work smarter, work more efficiently. It helps speed information to our clients. It enables us to offer a wider, more flexible menu of options.

With over 70 plus verifiers across the 36 states combine with smart technology, we are guaranteed to achieve verifications within hours.

The Background Checks and Verification services we offer include:

  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Checks
  • Address Verification
  • Reference Check
  • Guarantor Verification
  • Previous Employer/Employment Check
  • Educational/Credential Verification
  • NYSC Certificate Verification
  • Professional Certification Verification
  • Domestic Workers Verification
  • Vendors Background Check
  • Tenant Check

Industry-Leading Flexibility

Our clients just need to relax, and they receive email notifications of the reports sent to them. – in fact, we deliver with speed.

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Without a thorough background check on everyone you come in contact with, your business runs a very serious risk of damaging your integrity, your reputations and your profits.

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