Taxation Services

We offer our clients a balanced perspective on potential tax issues and solutions at both corporate and individual level. We specialize in minutely examining your balance sheets and interpreting and classifying each item on it for accurate and faster filing of tax returns. We will also classify and interpret P/L items, and interpret the taxability and treatment of various accounts.

Some of the key services as part of our offerings include:

  • Companies’ Income Tax (CIT) And Tertiary Education Tax (TET) Compliance Services
  • Withholding Tax (WHT) and Value Added Tax (VAT) Compliance
  • Federal and State Tax Audit Support Services
  • General Tax Advisory
  • Immigration Services
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  • Two

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Companies Income Tax (CIT) and Tertiary Education Tax (TET) Compliance Services

This would cover the corporate income tax compliance of  the company from ranging from the preparation and filing of annual returns to obtaining a Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC)’s for you.

Federal and State Tax Audit Support

In a situation where you have received a notification of audit from the Federal Internal Revenue Service, Lagos Internal revenue Service or any other tax revenue authority, we will provide relevant support before, during and after the tax audit.

Withholding Tax (WHT) and VAT compliance

We provide compliance services as required by the relevant laws ranging from preparation of WHT and VAT schedules as well as filing of monthly returns with the relevant tax authorities.

General Tax Advisory

We will provide tax advisory to you on any business decisions you intend to make or any transaction relating to your company. Where required, we will carry out a routine tax health checks to ascertain any deviation from compliance provisions of the tax laws.

Immigration Services

We can assist you with obtaining expatriate quota positions (EQPs), processing Temporary Work Permits (TWP), obtaining Re-entry Visas as well as filing of periodic statutory immigration returns.