Kennedia Consulting offer in class services across all industries and multiple sites designed to complement the strategic and operational objectives of an organization. We are convinced that our ability to deliver all our offerings with our own team is crucial for securing both quality and efficiency. By managing our own staff, we are in a much better position to control, govern and manage each and every part of the services we carry out.

Our services range from:

  • Janitorial
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Reception
  • Mail
  • Catering
  • Transport
  • Concierge
  • Archiving


Kennedia Consulting offers our client the smart move to optimize their costs on vehicle procurement and fleet management. The Client chooses the model and variant of the car they need. We will buy the car for your company for the number of years required. And through the life-cycle we take care of it, from insurance to maintenance to breakdown assistance and resale. So our client get the mobility without the hassle of owning and managing the car. At the end of the tenure, the Client simply return the car and take a new one at a fixed monthly fee.

Some of the key services as part of our offerings include:

  • Accident Management
  • Fleet Acquisition and Leasing
  • Fleet Maintenance and Administration
  • Fleet Disposal
  • Insurance
  • Toll Management
  • Driver Management